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Record for consultation to the doctor Negrich

Please provide as much information about your problem, attach a photo, a doctor's certificate or other documents that you already have on today regarding your illness.

We will call you and schedule an appointment for a consultation with Svyatoslav Grigor'evich, after which you will be given treatment and sent the necessary ingredients and purpose for use.

Larisa, manager Stefalin

Larisa, manager Stefalin

  •  +380 (95) 161-36-05
  •  +380 (97) 296-21-40
  •  +380 (63) 067-87-30
  •  lorastf
  •  Monday-Saturday 9:00-18:00

On the issue of consultation with Dr. Negritsch, you can ask me questions. I coordinate the connection between patients and Svyatoslav Grigorievich.