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Leukemia, blood infection

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Leukemia, blood infection
Malignant diseases of systems responsible for blood in the body, called leukemia or leukemia. Not rarely called such disease-cancer blood. " But this is not correct terminology. To cancer include those which have arisen as a result of changes in the cells of the epithelium. Leukemia belong to clonal disease. When the cells responsible for bone marrow hematopoiesis (brain cells) are mutated and transformed. As a result of these changes, the descendants of the mutated cells lost the ability to formation of mature blood cells.

In the bone marrow grow mutated cells, which eventually replace the healthy brain cells. And as a consequence, a person is reduced blood cell formulation, resulting in their lack of so called anemia. Developing thrombocytopenia and limocitopenija, which is accompanied by bleeding and bleeding. Immunity is suppressed, the body is weakened and this can worsen the appearance of infectious complications.
Blood is nourished by all the organs of our body and, by law, is considered the main body. Therefore, when the structure of the blood is broken, respectively, affected all organs and tissues. Erythrocytes in the blood does not reach its maturity, the hemoglobin falls develops anemia. Human skin becomes pale, kind of its sluggish, it increasingly difficult to concentrate on work, school, hair start falling out, weight loss happens.

as amazed by platelets, blood clotting decreases, from gentle pressing on the skin, you may have bruising, hard to stop blood even with small scratches could be internal bleeding.

Due to weak immunity of organism is susceptible to various infections, viruses and bacteria. The body cannot overcome light colds.

Over time, carries blood throughout the body and cells in patients previously healthy organs arise Neoplasms-metastases. In these places, the tumor cells are amazing healthy tissue, destroying it and as a result, the body loses its efficiency.

the danger of this insidious disease that people feeling their malaise, not attached to this value. Assuming that it's just fatigue, sleep deprivation, poor ecology and other adverse factors of our lives. If you detect the disease at an early stage, treatment can give good results.

Traditional medicine not only can cure the disease, or help to increase the hemoglobin in the blood, but is a fundamental practice that has hundreds of years behind, when there was no such thing as medicine. There are a lot of different recipes in which every person has the ability and the right to take care of their health. The bad thing is that people get used to shift the responsibility onto the shoulders of doctors, and those in turn, if you have enough finance-take care of your health, no finance-alas. It is a disease of modern medicine. She kommercilizirovana.

My tinctures I'm doing a number of herbal broths contributing to natural enhance immunity and in no way affects the impact on other organs.

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