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Hemorrhoids and intestinal treatment

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Hemorrhoids and intestinal treatment
When people come to me with the disease hemorrhoids, I always look at it this way, that the emergence of this disease is the result of the hostile and usually this is not a good condition of the intestine. That at the exit of the rectum formed these ' knobs ' is this problem? It is a signal. There are people who have CAL with blood already and it's not worth running.

at different stages to treated me to cure hemorrhoids. In these cases I look deeper. I give patients special tinctures, decoctions, beeswax candles or goat fat, when as. The mucosa is damaged, the muscles relaxed and vessels have very thin walls. Therefore, they are inflated and in consequence of this problem goes outside.

of course, other than that I recommend and exercises, but they have no significant influence and some no opportunity to defeat this disease.

as I already mentioned, I prigotavlivaju allergy medicine for use in inside. It is very important to take care of your gut. Some people have cancer of the rectum and not turning to specialists don't know even about it.

How to get drugs to treat hemorrhoids?

At the moment I am treating patients after a preliminary consultation. This is also better for you. Do not worry, after talking with you, I will definitely tell you what to do and everything will be fine.
 Before applying for a consultation, make sure that you have the appropriate photos and a doctor's diagnosis (in electronic form, if available).
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