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Birthmark - congenital skin defect

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Birthmark - congenital skin defect
A mole (nevus, or mole), is a congenital defect of the skin, so there is the same and acquired, have a viral nature benign. Moles overflow formed as a result of skin pigment cells and transform them into the melanocytes.

Pigmented nevi are all people who are older than 10 years. Most often, they are located on the face of the rate per 1000 square millimeters of the surface of the skin.

In newborns point nevi are very rare, they begin to appear in the early years of baby's life. Mass nevi begin to appear in adolescence, puberty, due to the influence of hormones. Barely visible spots increase in size, change in coloration up to dark brown and black.

On the formation of melanin in skin cells greatly affects the pituitary hormone. In pregnant women, new moles appear more frequently than others, existing moles change in color and vary in size.

Moles may be located on any part of the body including the mucous membrane of the mouth and eyes in the language of the vagina and anus. According to doctors birthmark on the mucous membranes in women occur more often than in men.

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