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Hemangioma. varieties of hemangioma

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Hemangioma. varieties of hemangioma
Neoplasms benign nature, which arise from the overgrown blood vessels in medical terminology called hemangiomas. Hemangiomas are - capillary (simple), cavernous (cavernous) and branched (acinar). When simple hemangioma is an expansion of capillaries, it grows on the face or body and looks like a red or purple-blue spots.

Cavernous hemangioma - a large cavity size, filled with blood, consisting of blue knots of dark shades, covered with mucous membrane or thin-skinned. Swelling on the face leads to severe disfigurement of the patient. It can also grow in the muscles, liver, spleen, women - in the womb. Acinar hemangiomas arise from vessels that greatly expanded and pulsate. The tumor has the form of blisters, raised above the skin and outlined a clear outline, which after squeezing again quickly fill with blood.

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