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Benign growths on the skin is called the skin fibroma. It consists of the mature part of the connective tissue, tissue - connective tissue. It is situated under the epidermis, namely in the upper bowl of the skin in the most thickness of the dermis (skin in areas located beneath the epidermis).

What are the causes of skin fibroma

How does the skin fibroids is still unknown, but it is believed that it is mainly manifested due to hereditary factors. Just fibroma is more common with age.

What are the symptoms of the skin manifestations of fibroids

In appearance fibroma is a single seal on the skin or nodule that is clearly visible. The amount it can reach several centimeters. All fibroma is covered by the skin slightly modified or not modified skin. If fibroids diameter larger than a few centimeters, it is the color of red and blue. Consistency in the tumor is rare, but can be soft, but it is very rare or plotnoelasticheskoy sometimes and thick consistency. View from fibroma resembles an oval or circle, which is located on a small leg or on a small base. It may form on any part of the skin completely.

Fibroma has many varieties, here are the main ones:

Fibroma solid consistency

Dermatofibroma - or solid fibroma placed on a wide basis or on a small stalk. Fibroma solid feel and consistency is dense, sedentary and painless. It can rise above the skin or be forced into it. Dermatofibroma has a certain peculiarity, it may form dimples. When the fingers and squeeze to take a fibroid, it sinks into the skin, leaving a dimple. Fibroma solid form is shown and on the mucous membranes of the skin, as well as in the upper layers of the dermis. They are formed as a part of the male population and the female. These fibroids only, but in rare cases, their number may reach tens of formations.

Fibroma soft consistency

Appearance from fibroids is not very attractive. It resembles a bag of wrinkles on the little feet. It has a small size with about cherry pit size may be less. Color or she is almost unchanged or has shades of brown. These fibroids occur in or very fat women, or older women or the elderly. This type of fibroids can be formed in the axillary areas, skin folds and the folds under the breasts, as well as in the inguinal folds and prominent parts of the neck skin. Soft fibroma with age can only grow in number.

skin fibroma and its complications on the body

Soft consistency fibroids can be injured in a variety of clothing being worn, shaving, they can be damaged by accident. They can be twisted spontaneously. This can result in poor flow of blood to the fibroid tissue. If this happens, you may have pain, numbness, or even increase fibroids. And this can lead to other types of secondary disease or infection.

Ointment Stefalin possible to remove only this type of fibroids, which clearly can be localized to the skin and apply the cream only on the very formation of without affecting healthy skin.

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