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Warts. removal of warts

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Warts. removal of warts
Wart - is the elevation of the skin, round shape, which appear as a consequence of proliferation of the surface epithelium layer and the so-called papillary layer of skin that lies beneath it. Dimensions warts are different from 2 to 15 mm and more; as a result of the merger of several warts are formed rather large tumors having a tapered, and often semi spherical shape. Over time, the color of the wart, which initially has a skin color is gray and even black - it is, in large part, is due to dirt, which easily adheres to the rough surface of the warts.

There are three types of warts: common or youthful wart, senile wart and pointed. Ordinary or juvenile warts appear most often on the skin of the hands and feet, less often on the face.
These warts can exist for a long time, weeks or even years without causing discomfort, excluding only those cases when they are placed on the fingers or on the soles, then they can be painful, as exposed to the outside.

The so-called senile warts are most often placed on the chest or on the back. They occur in people after forty years. Men exposed to this more often than women. The surface of this kind of feels a little oily and by careless peeling, there is bleeding point.

Warts can be contagious, but the period from infection to the appearance of her skin is large enough - up to eight months. There are cases that warts disappear by itself, it has also been successfully cured of their suggestion.

One way to get rid of warts, is an internal treatment with arsenic. Most successfully applied external freezing the wart nitric acid or moxibustion hundred percent solution of lactic and salicylic acids in collodion. It happens that after the removal of a wart, while others disappear by themselves, without, of any, influence on them.

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